Thursday, December 11, 2008

Random Christmas Fun!

Our Elf on The Shelf
We now have our very own Elf on the Shelf! After reading Catrina's blog about their Elf on the Shelf, we just had to get one of our own! Every night the elves head to the North Pole to report to Santa on who's been naughty and who's been nice! In the morning the elves are back, safe and sound and the kids must find their new location! The kids named our elf "Elfie" and each morning they run through the house trying to find him. A few of the places he's been spotted so far, are on the wall...On the art easel...

And on the Christmas Tree!
Dancing Snowmen!
It seems as though we end up buying the fun Hallmark musical decorations every year...for every holiday! This year I managed to make it through Hallmark without buying a new Christmas one. When we got our 2 Christmas ones out of the garage, Sienna pulled the sit 'n spin up to the table and took a seat. When the penguins and snowmen started dancing and singing, she wasn't quite sure what to think...her expression was priceless!
After her initial surprise, she decided they were quite fun to play with. Just like Brayden used to do, she loved to push the button to get them dancing...and then push it again to stop them. Over and over and over and over....
Our New Advent Calendar
I've always wanted the Advent house at Pottery Barn, but I've never been able to bring myself to pay $99 for it. This year I decided I was just going to do it...only to find that it was now $129!!! Well, instead of the cute little house, I found this cute little tree...complete with little ornaments in each little box that you use to decorate the tree. Not only did it come with fun little decorations, but it only cost $49! The kids have so much fun putting the ornaments on the tree every other morning. I've decided to do it every other day so they both get to put one ornament on the tree. Hopefully when they get older they will be able to take turns every day!

What a cool lego Christmas Tree Brayden made! Well, I'd like to tell you that Brayden made it all by himself, but I'm pretty sure that Chris did most of the work. ;)


spoonforknife said...
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Catrina said...

Did you know the Pottery Barn advent calendar is now on sale for $89? I swear, things always happen that way. ha! I actually like the one you got better. And we have one of those same musical pieces from Hallmark, and our kids love it too!!