Saturday, December 13, 2008

Our First Gingerbread House

Another holiday first for our family...our first gingerbread house! The box has been sitting in our cupboard since about 2004! Both kids had a great time sticking candy on the house...Sienna decorated the roof with the chimney (left) and Brayden decorated the right side. Hopefully next year Sienna will be more interested in decorating the house instead of eating the candy. Although, there was only one incident that I actually had to fish a piece of hard candy out of her mouth.
Here I am working hard building the house...

Brayden could barely wait for the house to be ready to decorate! I had put the box on the counter several days before we were able to make it, and every day he begged and begged us to make the house!
At last the house was ready! Brayden jumped right in decorating the house...but Sienna was mad that we weren't letting her eat the candy!
Sienna finally decided to do some decorating...


Catrina said...

Oh, what fun! The gingerbread house looks awesome! Did you make your own gingerbread cookies? Hehe!