Thursday, December 18, 2008

Pictures, pictures, and MORE pictures!

Our First Snow Storm of the Year!
Most of you already know that we've had our first snowfall of the year...I took this picture Sunday morning. The car you see is Chris driving home from Starbucks! That's right...we aren't going to let a little snow and ice keep us from getting Chris' venti, 7 pump, whole milk, no water chai and my triple, grande, 3 pump, white chocolate mocha! Little did we know this was going to be the last snowfall in Canby this week. With all the "Arctic Blast" talk on the news, I was just a little depressed that Canby was just a little too South of the storm zone! Of course, all of our weekly activities were in the storm zone so we were stuck at home...with no fun white stuff to play in!
Brayden had fun watching the snow fall Sunday morning!

Sienna was pretty excited to see snow, too!
Brayden "Works"!
Brayden loves to go up to Chris' desk in our bedroom and "work". He puts Chris' headset on and types on the keyboard. Brayden always tells us: "I'm working while you are sleeping". Maybe he means he's working where we sleep. Who knows with 3 year olds!

Brayden made this cool pirate ship...all by himself! I was being lazy and laying on the floor with Sienna when Brayden came out from the office to show me his pirate ship. I was very impressed with his creativity!
Train Tracks
The kids have so much fun playing trains together. Not only can Brayden build his own tracks, but Sienna can, too! Here is a track they put together all by themselves. I like how they parked all of the trains in a row! Of course there were several dead ends on their tracks, but I was still impressed with the complex design they started.
A couple of weeks ago the kids made windsocks in their art class. I would have to say this was one of my favorite projects so far! The kids have had lots of fun destroying them since we made them...I think most of the streamers are gone now!
Lately Sienna has been doing a lot of puzzles. She especially likes Brayden's large floor puzzle. The other day she pulled the puzzle out of the drawer, opened it, pulled out the big floor picture & some puzzle pieces. She then started putting the pieces on top of the matching pictures! She didn't snap the pieces together, but she matched up 3 pictures before she got bored and found something else to play with.

Whipper Snippers
A couple of weeks ago we finally took Brayden in to get his hair cut. We decided to try a new place in Wilsonville that someone had told me about, called Whipper Snippers. I was pretty scared considering how his hair was butchered in August. The girl did a great job trimming his hair up, though. Yea! Of course Brayden LOVED flying the fighter jet while getting his haircut. And, you can see Sienna in the background on the big motorcycle!
The "Scary" Vacuum
Up until last week, Brayden had always been scared of the vacuum. We would ask him to help us vacuum and he'd say "it's scary" and run to the couch and hide! Well, Sienna isn't scared of the vacuum which means Brayden isn't scared anymore, either! Now every time we get the vacuum out, they fight over who gets to vacuum!

Daddy's Girl
Sienna is still a daddy's girl, although she does give me plenty of snuggly cuddles, too! The other night she was being especially snuggly with Chris and I couldn't help but take a couple of pictures.


Catrina said...

What sweet Daddy's Girl pictures. Eric is lucky to get a high five from Avery. She will give him a kiss if we tell her to, but she doesn't stick around for more than 2 seconds. Poor Daddy.