Friday, May 29, 2009

Random Picture Post - Part 2!

Brayden has always loved bubbles, so when Grandma & Grandpa Macnab gave the kids these fun dog bubble makers, the kids were really excited to play with them. Brayden didn't have any problems making bubbles...
Sienna need a bit more help. I helped her hold the trigger down...

But she just couldn't pull the trigger and hold the doggie up at the same time, without help.
Yard Work
We bought the kids a few yard tools, hoping that they'd use them to pull weeds while we were working in the yard. As it turns out, the plan was even better than we thought...we don't even need to be working in the yard for them to want to use their new tools!

Brayden still loves to water his pumpkins and peas!
During our last trip to Toys R Us, the kids REALLY wanted to get a pair of goggles. Well, mostly it was just Brayden begging for the goggles. They were only a couple of bucks, so I decided to buy a couple of pairs...after all, I just knew that if Sienna saw Brayden wearing them, she would want some of her own. As it turns out, Sienna loved wearing the goggles! Brayden, on the other hand, put them on once and hated them!
The other day the kids put up a "wall" (aka the CARS sofa) so that we couldn't see them building their super secret lego building! I think it is so funny that little kids think that you can't see them if they can't see you!
Sienna has some crazy ideas about what she wants to wear. I'm pretty sure that she's not going to win any style awards. Her new favorite outfit is to wear her pajama shorts on top of her pajama pants! Oh, and throw in a size 5T t-shirt (yes that's right...I said size 5T!!!) and a Bob the Builder backpack and you have one of the most hideous outfits ever! I certainly hope that her style improves soon...people are going to think we are homeless if she dresses like this in public!
I tried to help Sienna put her backpack back on, but she insisted she could do it herself...
A few weeks ago, right after breakfast, I looked out the window and saw this huge raccoon walking along our stone wall! This was actually the 2nd time we've seen a raccoon in our yard. The last time was after dark and a mommy raccoon and her baby came into our yard!
This raccoon went straight for our cherry tree...
She climbed all the way to the top...never to be seen again. I'm just thankful we haven't had any raccoon visitors while the kids were playing in the yard!
Bible Study
On our last day of bible study, we had a brunch and the kids came up to sing us songs. Brayden and Wyatt started out standing next to each other...of course, neither one of them were actually singing!
Wyatt slowly moved closer and closer to their teacher, leaving Brayden all alone...
Wyatt eventually ended up sitting in their teacher's lap. Brayden quickly noticed that Wyatt was MIA and moseyed on over to sit next to Wyatt! I really wasn't disappointed that Brayden didn't sing...I was just so impressed that he actually went on stage in front of so many women and he didn't cry! If you know how shy Brayden can be, you will understand just how amazing this was!


cjanet said...

I love your pictures and the comments under them. :) You really have adorable kids and you are an awesome mom! Can you adopt me? I want the bubble blower with some goggles. Haha!

Catrina said...

Cute pics of the boys! They have EXCITEMENT written all over their faces. Ha!