Friday, May 15, 2009

Peas & Pumpkins - Part 2

Aunt Kari came over again on Friday to help the kids plant the pumpkins and the peas that have been growing in the little planter since her last visit a few weeks ago. I'd just like to say that it's an absolute miracle that there was something for them to plant in the ground!

First of all, I do NOT have a green thumb, so I'm surprised that we were even able to get them to grow. Not only that, but the pumpkins and peas grew so fast that they started outgrowing their little container at least a week before Kari came over, and I had to idea what to do with them. Thank goodness she was able to come rescue them. To make matters even worse, the plants got so tall that the lid wouldn't stay on and the cats started eating them! In my attempt to save them, I picked the container up (with the lid) so I could put them on the back patio. As soon as I opened the door and leaned down to put them on the ground, they slipped out of my hand and the whole blasted thing landed upside down! UGH! Luckily for me, while Chris' mom was babysitting that afternoon, she put all the pumpkins and peas back in their container for me! Whew! I really thought I was going to have to buy & plant new seeds because I didn't want Aunt Kari to know that I had ruined the plants. The miraculous thing is that after all that trauma, the plants didn't die...they kept on growing just like they would have if I had taken perfect care of them!

Let the fun begin!
Brayden impressed both Aunt Kari and myself with the gentleness and patience he showed when planting the plants! He definitely doesn't take after me!

Sienna even tried to dig holes for the plants!

After they planted a few of the peas (the rest of them were too drenched with water from being left in the rain for too many days), Brayden and Sienna watered the newly planted plants. What fun! Brayden was very careful to water each and every plant, while Sienna pretty much dumped her watering can upside down...only watering her pants and boots!