Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Random Post Wednesday

Sienna usually gets a little messy when she's eating, but this "pudding fu manchu" was the messiest she's been in quite awhile. She must have known how funny she looked because she was cracking herself up while I was taking her picture.
The kids started making "jails", by putting every single toy they could find into a huge pile. Here's a picture of Sienna singing, while sitting in "jail". More recently, the kids have called their huge toy pile a "castle". I wonder what will be next?

Every so often, Brayden pretends to take naps downstairs. Sometimes the "beds" are comfy and sometimes they aren't! I didn't think his "bed of books" looked too comfy...
But I could see myself taking a nap on his "bed of pillows"!
One of Brayden's most recent inventions is his "rocket booster", made from Sienna's baby doll's carseat. haha! His rocket booster flies him super fast, all over the house!


Catrina said...

Love the rocket booster. Kids can be so innovative. Wyatt went through a phase where his backpack was called a jetpack, and if you called it anything other than that, he would quickly correct you.