Thursday, June 26, 2008

A cold, but fun day at the park!

We've had so much fun enjoying the nice weather this week. We went to the park twice, played in the backyard, and went to the zoo! Of course, both times we went to the park it was cloudy and cold in the morning! Today we played at Westlake Park in Lake Oswego for the first time and it was the perfect playground for Brayden...he could do it all by himself. Unfortunately the pictures aren't great because I decided it would be easier to take our old camera since our new one is big and awkward when you have your hands full with 2 kids. ;)

The Slide
Last year Brayden only wanted to climb UP the slides...this year Brayden actually loves to slide DOWN the slides! Here is Brayden having fun on the super slow slide! While we were there, he became friends with a girl who was a lot older and she kept climbing UP the slide. Of course that meant that Brayden had to do it too. Luckily his only injury of the day came when he fell on the asphalt and skinned his knees. OUCH! Even though there was some blood involved, he didn't even cry!
Wood Chips
Sienna had fun investigating the wood chips and pine cones while she watched Brayden get to do all of the fun stuff. She even took a bite of a pine cone but quickly decided that it wasn't worth a second taste. ;) The Slide
Our friends Lilya & Anne helping Sienna go down her first slide!
The Stroller
Anne brought 3 of her dolls and a stroller to play with. I can't wait until Sienna is old enough to play with some girly stuff! Sienna ended up in the stroller while we went for a walk and all 3 kids each got a doll to hold....yes, that means Brayden, too! Anne and Brayden both wanted to push the stroller with Sienna in it, but with Anne's expertise in stroller pushing, she got to do it during most of the walk. Poor Brayden just couldn't keep Sienna on the sidewalk! Sienna checking out the eyes that kept opening and closing on Anne's doll.
If you couldn't tell, Anne loves babies! She kept giving Sienna hugs and was so cute!
At the end of our walk, the kids found a fun activity...jumping! They must have done this for over 20 minutes.
Brayden and Anne gave each other the best hug when it was time for all of us to go. We have gotten together several times, but this was the first time they really did play together. They had so much fun climbing all over the playground together...I wonder where my camera was when they were doing that? ha! Next time, I guess!