Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Happy 1st Birthday, Sienna LeeAnn!!!

Our baby girl is 1 year old! WOW! The 3 of us went to Gymboree this morning (the poor birthday girl was stuck in the Ergo Carrier) but Brayden and I sang Happy Birthday numerous times to Sienna during the 50 minute round-trip so hopefully she didn't feel too left out on her special day. We also sang her the ABC song which is Brayden's new favorite song. While the kids were napping (both kids took amazing naps today!!!), I was able to decorate Sienna's special birthday cake. Grandma Boley came over for dinner, cake & presents. Unfortunately, Grandpa Boley has a cold and had to stay home and my parents are in Italy for 3 weeks!!! It was a very small and quiet birthday celebration...just the kind I like! Of course, her real party is at the end of the month. :) Happy Birthday, Boo Boo! We love you!!!

The Birthday Girl
The Birthday Cake
This was my first attempt at decorating a cake. Normally I'm a perfectionist but today I was just happy to get the whole cake done while the kids were napping. I was supposed to make a double batch of the frosting but decided that it wasn't worth the effort for the practice cake. Originally I was just going to make brownies for her birthday (just like I did for Brayden), but since I am a perfectionist, I couldn't wait to attempt my first cake for her real party. Hopefully the next cake will turn out even better...I certainly learned a lot from my mistakes today! Sienna was pretty excited to see the cake...
But she wasn't too sure what to think about it when she touched it...
Later we gave her a small piece of cake and a spoon...she seemed to think that was more manageable...

She even got the spoon into her mouth! I'm pretty sure she didn't eat much, if any cake. Of course, I wasn't all that unhappy about it since she is wild and crazy enough without all that sugar! ;)
The Birthday Presents
Of course Brayden thought that he should be able to open all of Sienna's presents...what are big brothers for, anyways??? We did let him "help" Sienna, though. In all reality, she wasn't that excited about opening them. (Brayden on the other hand was pretty good at opening his presents on his 1st birthday!)
Sienna got some clothes, a book and an electronic learning tablet from Grandma & Grandpa Boley. We gave her some pots and pans to go in her new kitchen. The electronic tablet with the stylus was by far the favorite gift...Brayden and Sienna were fighting over it as we were trying to get them ready for bed!
Brayden and Sienna putting the pot in the oven...I wonder what they are making us for dinner???


Joce said...

Soooooo cute! I LOVE the pink kitchen. I want a girl, so I can have a reason to get it. :) Sounds like you're evening was very special. Love the pix!

Catrina said...

What a beautiful cake, Shelley! I'm impressed with your steady hand. I just tried to put a smiley face on Avery's butterfly cake and ended up with a crooked smile. Par for the course, I guess. Ha!