Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Sienna's 1st Trip to OMSI!

Well, Sienna had been to OMSI once before but since she was in the backpack the whole time, it doesn't really count! This time, with the help of Grandma Boley, both kids were able to run free! Sienna had so much fun and to my amazement, even though she was wearing brand new non-Robeez sandals that were a bit too big, she didn't fall even once! YEA! Here are a ton of random pictures from our fun day at OMSI:

Brayden was weighing the different rocks on the cool scale!
Brayden wasn't the only one interested in rocks...Sienna thought they were pretty fun, too!
Sienna also really liked this puzzle. It took me several attempts to actually get her to leave the puzzle and move onto something else!
Brayden and Sienna both spent several minutes investigating these interesting tubes. To be honest, I didn't even bother to look inside so I'm not sure what was in them. ;)

Sienna has just become interested in playing ball. Well, she likes to throw the balls...she's not quite ready to catch! Here she is with Grandma Boley trying to figure out how this crazy ball contraption works!
Brayden always has fun playing in the water!
I think he's going to be an engineer...he likes to figure out how things work.
While Brayden was playing in the water, Grandma Boley and Sienna were busy playing with the blocks. After a few minutes Brayden decided to go see what they were up to...
Peek-a-boo, Sienna!!! This wheel was Brayden's favorite toy at OMSI when we took him there on his 1 year birthday! The water table and the sand pit are Brayden's favorite spots at OMSI. When Brayden was 1 year old, we didn't let him play in the sand...he still liked to taste everything. When we let Sienna in to play, I thought for sure that she was going to try to eat the sand. Surprisingly enough the whole time we were at OMSI she only tried to put one thing in her mouth...the red shovel (in the sand pit). Most of the time she actually listens to us (crazy!) and once we told her no, she didn't try it again.
Sienna was pretty excited to find 2 shovels!
Once again, Brayden was having fun figuring out how things work...
Sienna is definitely not a girly girl...not yet, anyways! Her favorite toys are cars, trucks and airplanes! In fact, Brayden got a cool metal truck at Avery's birthday party and Sienna has pretty much taken it over...she drives it all over the house!
Sienna finally decided to visit the water table...
and she loved it!!!
Brayden and Sienna even had fun playing in the water together!
Next we went to the arts and crafts room. Apparently they got rid of the flubber but the kids still had fun playing with the play-doh. Another first for Sienna!
Before we left, we stopped to look at the yucky insects, spiders, fish, etc. Then we headed for a tour through the cool dinosaur exhibit before making our final stop downstairs where we experienced a 6.8 magnitude earthquake! Brayden had so much fun pushing the earthquake start and stop buttons! What a fun day with Grandma Boley!


Catrina said...

Wow! I can't believe Sienna didn't try to eat the sand! Good for her. It looks like they both had such a fun time. We'll have to give it a try one of these days when Eric is off work. I'm ready for Avery to start participating! :-)