Wednesday, June 25, 2008

A Day At the Zoo!

The morning started off a bit crazy. In order to keep Sienna happy so I could get all of our stuff ready, I gave her a sealed ziploc bag with a bagel in it. The next thing I know, the 2 pickiest eaters on the planet are chowing down on bagels! Brayden must have opened it and given a bagel to Sienna while keeping one for himself. Unless you've had to try to feed Brayden & Sienna, you won't quite appreciate how surprising this is!
The Zoo
Sienna chillin' in Catrina's stroller with her best buddy, Avery.
For the first time at the zoo, Brayden wasn't strapped into the stroller! Of course, we haven't been in almost a year...what a difference a year can make! He actually listened fairly well and even held my hand for awhile. Catrina's husband, Eric, was able to come with us and towards the end of our visit, Brayden decided that he no longer wanted to hold my was all about Eric's hand! Needless to say, Brayden had a great time running around the zoo. Here is Brayden checking out a waterfall!
And here he is checking out some fish...

With his buddy, Wyatt!
Leave it to the boys to find sand at the zoo!
I'm not sure they were actually that excited about seeing all of the animals, but they certainly had fun running around the zoo. Here they are checking out the sleeping cougar.
And of course they had fun driving the tractor!
I decided that the zoo is not the easiest place to take pictures...unless you like taking pictures of the backs of heads. After the tractor, I decided to put my camera away and just enjoy the rest of the day!


Catrina said...

Goodness, Shell...your kids look like they haven't eaten in days, scarfing down that bagel and all! No wonder your kids are so well-behaved. Maybe I should try starvation! Ha! Just kidding, of course. We had a great time, as always.