Sunday, June 01, 2008

More Outdoor Fun!

We were blessed with more wonderful weather on Friday afternoon...too bad it didn't last. The kids & I have been going stir crazy inside so at least we had one nice afternoon to get outside. We are all feeling better so hopefully we'll get to do some fun stuff this upcoming week.

Daddy's Girl
Sienna was very excited to see Chris when he got home...she was full of smiles and giggles! The Whistle
Brayden loves playing with his whistle. Up until now he liked to try to blow it, but without much success. Since mastering the whistle this week, he has been banned from playing with it inside. Friday was the perfect opportunity to let him play with it outside...unfortunately the dogs in the neighborhood dislike the loud noise of the whistle just as much as I do! Chalk
Sienna had fun playing with chalk for the first time...she enjoyed taking the chalk out of the box and drawing on the sidewalk...AND her pants!
I'm pretty sure that the only reason Brayden actually draws with the chalk is so that he can use the broom to sweep it up. ;)
I couldn't resist sharing this picture...Brayden looks so grown up!
Brayden had fun playing "catch" with all of the shrubs & trees in our yard...unfortunately they don't throw back. Although, he didn't seem to mind. ;)
Sienna walked outside for the first time...unfortunately all she wanted to do was walk in the middle of the street!

I was a little nervous letting Sienna walk around outside, but she actually did pretty good! Over the last week or two she has really perfected her walking skills. Now she can now turn directions as well as stop to pick something up.
Luckily she waited until Daddy was home to fall down. As Brayden likes to say..."whoops"! Sienna is such a trooper...she got right back up and continued on her way without a single tear!
The Rocket Launcher
We decided to go for a wagon ride while we were waiting for Chris to get home from work. Brayden always plays with his rocket launcher and Sienna usually just hangs out while in the wagon. When we got back home, Sienna was having so much fun playing with the rocket launcher that I just left her in the wagon....I see many, many fights over the rocket launcher this summer! (I decided to see what outdoor pictures looked like on my cell phone...good thing I didn't buy the phone for the picture quality!)


The Elliotts said...

Wow, what fun! The kiddos look so grown up. Maybe it's time for another?! Ha ha! Love ya...and will miss seeing you each week!