Sunday, June 08, 2008

Random Post Sunday!

We had such a fun (& busy) weekend! Saturday morning we took the kids to Yuen Lui for Sienna's 12 month pictures. Unfortunately, Sienna won't sit still so we didn't get very good pictures. Hopefully her retakes next weekend will go better. Ha! Saturday afternoon we left the kids with Grandma & Grandpa Boley and headed to the Nike Employee Store (Thank You, Janet!!!) and then to dinner at Claim Jumper. This morning Grandma Boley took both kids to church...we were planning on going but Sienna is teething again and we haven't had a good night sleep in over a week! I decided to make use of the kid-free time to run errands while Chris put together Sienna's birthday present. After lunch we headed outside for some warm weather fun...yippee!

Kick Ball
Brayden loves to kick the ball back and forth with Chris...he's pretty darn good for only being 2 1/2 years old! As I mentioned in a previous post, Brayden also loves to throw the ball at fences and shrubs. ;)
When I was out running errands, I found what I thought would be a fun game to play with Brayden. It came with 2 nets and a ball. The package said it was for ages 4 and up but I figured it would be ok because Brayden is pretty good at throwing and playing catch. I couldn't have been more wrong! The silly nets were designed so poorly that even Chris and I had a hard time throwing the ball out of the net! Nonetheless, we all still had a lot of fun laughing at each other as we attempted to throw the ball.

Sienna's Birthday Present
We bought Sienna a new pink kitchen from Costco for her birthday. Chris put it together while we were all of of the house this morning. Unfortunately I wasn't home when the kids got home from church so I couldn't see their faces when they walked in the door, but Chris did a great job taking pictures. And, in case you were wondering, we did not leave the kitchen in the middle of the room! ;)

Brayden's New Sunglasses
When Grandma Boley was driving home from church, Brayden told Grandma "It's bright...I need sunglasses!". So, she dropped Sienna off at home and took Brayden to the store. He wore his new Lightning McQueen sunglasses both times we played outside and he even tried to wear them inside, too! Brayden's Naps
Brayden has pretty much given up his 1 afternoon nap. He still goes upstairs and plays in his crib for about 2 hours, but he rarely falls asleep. On Friday I put him down at the normal time (1:30pm) and around 3:15 he actually fell asleep...underneath all of his stuffed animals! Brayden is usually such a light sleeper that as soon as we open the door he wakes up. However, he was so tired that when I went in to wake him up he didn't stir, even after I turned off his sound machine and nightlight. I thought he looked so cute that I high tailed it downstairs to get the camera. I got about 3 shots before the flash woke him up.
The poor kid was so tired...and SWEATY!!!
I'm pretty sure he's glaring at me for waking him up with the camera flash!
Brayden's Backpack
It has been almost 2 years since I bought Brayden his Elmo backpack. At the time he was crazy about Elmo and he was so excited when we brought it home from the store. You can see Brayden walking around with it at 11 months by clicking here. About a year ago, we were given a Bob the Builder hand-me-down backpack. Brayden has always liked putting stuff in his backpacks, but just recently he decided to wear it...just like he did with the Elmo backpack 2 years ago!


Joce said...

Happy Birthday Sienna!!!! We hope you have a wonderful 1st birthday today! You sure have a wonderful family that loves you. Enjoy your day.
Jocelyn, Elijah, & Noah