Saturday, November 15, 2008


Chris and I were lucky enough to score tickets to the Oregon State game today. The unfortunate part is that the tickets were from my dad hurt his back last Sunday and he still wasn't feeling up for the game. So, we were more than happy to take the tickets off their hands. Thank you Grandma & Grandpa Macnab for the tickets and thank you Grandma Boley for babysitting...again! Before we headed out, Grandma Boley took a picture of us all decked out in our Beaver shirts & sweatshirts...
The weather was absolutely amazing for the game...again! The first game we went to (October 11th) was so sunny that we were actually hot at times. Today's game we were on the shady side, but we were still warm enough in our long sleeve shirts (I also wore a vest) November! Not only did we enjoy beautiful sunny skies during both games, but we also WON both games! Today's win was against CAL and even though we were ahead the entire game (with the exception of the first few minutes), it was quite the exciting game...right down to the last 30 seconds! Chris and I actually stayed for the ENTIRE game. In fact, I think almost everyone in the sold out stadium (45,000+) stayed until the last few seconds of the game. Of course, that meant it took us about an hour to get out of the stadium, walk to our car and make it the 10 miles to I-5. But, it was all worth it!


Catrina said...

What a great family picture. You guys really pull off the black and orange so well!!! Oklahoma State has the same colors, so I've worn my share of bright orange!!! :-)