Monday, June 22, 2009

VIDEO: The MONSTER at the end of this Book

Brayden came down with a fever last night (Father's Day), so we were stuck at home today. I had mixed emotions about missing Play Boutique. I always look forward to the 2 hours I get to myself every Monday morning, even if I am running errands the entire time. However, we have been so busy the last 2 weeks that I was actually happy to stay home, especially since Brayden woke us up crying about 8 times last night! Poor guy!

This morning he was acting mostly like himself, even though he still had a fever. While I was working on some pictures for the blog, I heard Brayden reading a story to Sienna. It was so cute that I asked him to read it again so I could take a video. I think he was a bit camera shy because he didn't read as much on each page as he did the first time he read the book to Sienna. However, I still think he did an amazing job for a 3 year old! The book is called "The MONSTER at the end of this Book". It was one of Chris' favorite books growing up, and until today, I never knew how many times Chris had read it to Brayden! I think the volume is pretty low, so be sure to turn up your speakers!


Becca said...

We love that book, too!