Friday, June 19, 2009

Sienna's 2nd Birthday - Celebration #1!

As I mentioned before, we started Sienna's birthday festivities with cupcake decorating at a friend's house Wednesday morning. The kids had so much fun spreading frosting on their cupcakes and then decorating them with the sprinkles! Sienna gave me the biggest smile when I took her picture...too bad my camera decided to focus on her chair instead of her. :( Oh well, I still think her super big smile is worth sharing!
Fun with frosting!

Fun with sprinkles!
Mmmmm...chocolate with cream cheese frosting!
Time to blow out the candles! Sienna is too funny when she blows out candles...she blows the air through her teeth! At least she gets the job done. :) After Sienna blew out her candles, Lucas REALLY wanted a turn, too. So, I lit the candles again so he could have a turn, too (after all, his 3rd birthday was only 4 days away!). Of course, I couldn't leave Brayden out so I lit the candles for the 3rd time and let Brayden blow the candles out, too! We definitely got our money's worth out of those 2 candles! haha!
Before we left Katrina's house, Brayden found Isiah's old Darth Vader mask. It had lots of fun buttons and when Brayden pushed the right button, it made him sound like Darth Vader!
A few minutes later, I turned around to find Sienna wearing the Darth Vader mask...she had gotten it on all by herself! She just seems way too grown up to be my baby!