Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Sienna's 2nd Birthday - Celebration #2!

The night of Sienna's birthday, we invited Grandma & Grandpa Boley over for dinner, cupcakes and presents! Brayden and Sienna got to decorate & eat their 2nd cupcakes of the day. Sienna also got to blow out her 2nd set of candles. I still can't believe how good she did blowing out her candles, even though her technique was a bit unusual!

I was also surprised at how much Sienna enjoyed eating her 2 cupcakes. She usually takes after me and passes on sweets. But, on her birthday, she just couldn't get enough sugar! She started out using her fingers to eat the frosting off of the cupcake...
But, she eventually gave up using her fingers! haha!
Goofing off with Grandma Boley...
Sienna & Grandma Boley
When Chris got home from work, we let Sienna open one present. Brayden was so good...he just watched her open it.
New and improved paper dolls...magnetic dolls!

After dinner, Sienna opened the rest of the presents that we bought for her. As you can tell by Brayden's expression, he was SO excited to see what she got!
Of course, he got a little too excited and kept pulling Sienna's presents out of the bag before she had a chance to!
Over and over again!
Last year we bought Sienna a kitchen for her birthday and this year we bought her a blender, toaster & mixer to match! We also found a Melissa & Dough cookie sheet with Velcro cookies. The kids LOVE to cook & pretend to eat food. Now, how can we get them to eat real food?!?!
I took these pictures of Chris and Sienna on her birthday. She loves to be rocked while we sing to her. I couldn't believe how big she looked in Chris' arms! She is growing up way too fast!