Sunday, June 28, 2009

Sienna's New Sink!

I'd have to say that Sienna's favorite 3 birthday presents are: the toy sink, the apron & the Ariel sunglasses. The sink is supposed to be an outside toy. If the warm weather would ever come back, they could actually play with it outside. Until then, we'll just have to assume that the pump in the faucet actually works and will pump water when turned on. As for the apron, I think she wore it for 4 days straight, except when we had to take it off to sleep, which she wasn't too happy about. And, her outfit would not be complete without the Ariel sunglasses on top of her head. She came up with that idea all on her own. She always asks to wear them like a "hat".

Sienna having fun pretending to fill a cup up with water.
Sienna also makes sound effects while filling up the water. She definitely learned that from Brayden. Too funny!

She was nice enough to share her water with sweet!