Thursday, June 18, 2009

Track Suits!

We took so many pictures from Sienna's 3 birthday celebrations, that a week later, I'm still trying to pick out the best pictures! Until then, you can check out their new track suits...

After Sienna's 2 year appointment on Tuesday, I took the kids to Costco where we found these super cute Adidas track suits. I was only planning on buying one for Brayden (he's outgrown most of his pants), but, of course, Sienna wanted one if her brother was getting one! I picked her up a set in size 3T because all of her clothes are at least 3T (she even has a few 4T shirts). As it turns out, they run a bit big.

Of course, they both asked to put their outfits on first thing when they woke up the next morning (please ignore the tangled mop of hair on Sienna's head)!
After lunch, they were playing with the Legos and I couldn't help but take some pictures of her pants (while laughing!). I'd pull them up and they'd just slip right back down! I tried to talk her into wearing pants that actually fit her, but she refused to let me take them off.

Here is their Lego masterpiece! You'll probably be surprised to know that I didn't help them with even one Lego. I enjoyed a blissful hour of peace and quiet while they built their Lego Town!


cjanet said...

Adida's shelley? Are you trying to kill me??? Nice.

Catrina said...

Okay, where did you get the Batman shirt. Wyatt has to have one! If he sees that pic of Brayden, he'll be able to think of nothing else! I think Sienna's saggy britches are so cute! Ha!