Wednesday, July 01, 2009

They are STILL Best Buddies!!!

I've mentioned this over and over, but the kids are seriously inseparable! They play together ALL DAY LONG! I LOVE IT!!!

Xbox 360
Sienna loves to play the Xbox with Brayden (her controller doesn't have any batteries). The scary part is that Brayden finished the whole Batman demo all by himself and he's only 3 1/2. Like father like son! Thank goodness I don't know how to even turn the Xbox on, so Brayden doesn't even ask me if he can play during the day. Whew!

They even love to play dress up together. Until recently, Sienna HATED to wear any sort of costume. Of course, since she wants to do absolutely everything that Brayden does, she had to get over her fear because Brayden loves to dress up in his fireman and policeman costumes!

Airplanes & Cars
The kids love to fly/drive in circles around the kitchen together. Sienna can get moving almost as fast as Brayden now!
The kids still love to build forts/castles together (otherwise known as big piles of toys). This time they built their castle under the barstools. Where do they come up with these ideas?
Train Tracks
Brayden and Sienna built this entire train track by themselves (I wasn't even in the room!), with the exception of one little corner where I helped them connect the tracks.
Keepin' Brayden Company
Even when Brayden is sick, Sienna wants to do whatever Brayden is doing. Even if that means just laying around watching tv (she still isn't that excited about tv). What a good sister!