Monday, July 06, 2009

Cannon Beach - July 5th, 2005

Yesterday we headed to Cannon Beach, with our good friends who are visiting from Ohio. Before we left, I looked at and saw that it was going to be cloudy and 74 degrees. Not bad! It was only going to be in the mid-sixties in the late morning when we were planning on playing in the sand, but I still thought that sounded pretty good for the Oregon Coast. So, off we went.

As we were driving through Ecola State Park, our friends called to tell us they had just arrived at the viewpoint. They said it was extremely windy and everyone was dressed in their winter jackets and pants. Uh oh...we were all wearing shorts and sweatshirts! Chris looked at the car's thermometer: 52 degrees. WHAT!?!?! After driving through the dark forest for what seemed like forever, we finally make it to the viewpoint. We parked next to our friends, hopped out of the car and quickly started bundling everyone up in every blanket and beach towel we could find. It was so windy and cold that halfway to the viewpoint, we decided that we'd seen enough and headed back to the car. Well, not before asking someone to take a group photo, which is currently on the Knapp's camera (I was so cold that I had left my camera in the car). All I can say is brrrrr!

We quickly unbundled ourselves and got into the car. Poor little Sienna was still shivering by the time we were in the car and driving away. Brayden wasn't quite as cold...he wasn't too frozen to be silly.

I just have to mention that Chris and I were in Cannon Beach almost exactly 1 year ago (July 11th-13th) and the weather could not have been more different. It was so nice and warm that we actually got sunburns while we were there. If you are interested in seeing how beautiful Cannon Beach is on a sunny day, here you go: Stephanie Inn - July 2008.

Our next stop was to eat lunch at Mo's. While we were waiting for our food, we saw a horse and carriage on the beach! I couldn't resist taking a picture (from inside the warmth of Mo's, of course!). I think it would be so much fun to go on a ride on the beach on a warm, sunny day!
After lunch, we finally head down to the beach. It wasn't quite as cold as it was at Ecola State Park, but it was still much colder than the mid-60's I was expecting. Sienna and Addison started digging in the sand right away! I think they lasted about 2 minutes before deciding it was too cold.

Freezing family photo time!
Our good friends: Dave, Nicole, Connor & Addsion Knapp
Chris and Brayden checking out the waves.
Chris, Sienna & Brayden racing...I wonder if it was colder by the water? To be honest, I was so cold that I pretty much stood in the same spot and took pictures of everyone else. haha!
A month or so ago we bought a kite from the dollar store. We were so excited to finally have an opportunity to test it out at the coast. Well, Chris and Brayden quickly found out that the dollar store kites are no match for the Oregon Coast winds. It ended up in the garbage as soon as we got home! I guess we'll have to save up for a "real" kite next time we go.
Maybe we did get our dollar's worth...they did get it into the air once or twice before it was destroyed.
Before we left, Chris and Brayden dug in the sand while Sienna just stood there and watched. Too bad she's not old enough to take pictures...I could have gone back to the warmth of the car! haha!