Saturday, July 04, 2009

Oaks Park - Chipper's Preschool Party

A couple of weeks ago, a friend invited us to Oaks Park for Chipper's Preschool Party. I had never been to Oaks Park before (except to ride on the Holiday Express train last December), so I was a little uneasy taking both kids by myself. I had no idea what to expect from Oaks Park, or the kids. After all, the kids have never even seen a ride, let alone ridden on one! And, here I was taking a 2 year old and a 3 year old, all by myself. I was thinking that I had to be crazy to agree to go!!! Well, I was pleasantly surprised at how much fun the kids had. They not only got on every ride, but they loved almost every ride. Now I'm even more excited for our first trip to Disneyland, which will hopefully be in a couple of years.

Sienna, Brayden & Anne! Both Brayden and Sienna stuck their heads all the way through the holes...I was so scared that they weren't going to be able to get their heads back out! Our first stop was to ride on the little train! Brayden was about 4 cars in front of Sienna and me, sitting with his friend Anne and one of her friends.The next stop was the carousel. Lilya took Sienna and Anne, while I took Brayden to the potty. We got back just in time to watch them go around and around. Sienna wasn't too sure what to think at first, but as soon as her "rooster" started moving up and down, she quickly decided that she did not like the carousel! Lilya was nice enough to save her from the scary rooster and sit with her on the bench for the rest of the ride.Next, we all went down the humongous slide! We had so much fun that we went down TWICE! The first time it was just Brayden, Sienna and me (Sienna sat on my lap). The second time Anne came with us (Lilya didn't enjoy her trip down the slide!). Lilya captured our second trip down the slide with her cell phone camera. We were all supposed to be racing, but as you can see, Brayden cheated and took off a little early! Next, we all tried to ride in the basket together, but they wouldn't let Sienna sit on my lap. So, Brayden went with Lilya and Anne, while Sienna and I rode in our very own basket! I was a little scared because the basket was so small I couldn't move very easily, and I had no idea how Sienna would react once we rose into the sky and started spinning around. Well, I was worried for nothing...Sienna was smiling and giggling the whole time!Brayden and Anne waiting for the basket ride to begin!Next stop: ROCKET SHIPS! Poor Sienna didn't get to go on the rocket because I wasn't sure if she'd get scared and try to climb out after the ride started! Brayden and Anne goofing off while waiting in line for the next ride. Brayden driving his first car!Since the cars didn't leave the ground, I let Sienna go for a spin! I was a little nervous because she sat in a car with a bunch of kids that she didn't know (they were all Anne's friends). But, she wasn't scared and she had a great time! Next up was the frogger (they raise you up and then drop you...repeatedly)! This was another ride that I didn't let Sienna go on. Next time I'd probably let her try it, though. I wasn't even sure if Brayden would like it. But, he had a blast!!! Next we all rode on the big ship that swings back and forth, while spinning in circles. Brayden had a blast (by this point, I wasn't surprised) and Sienna started out giggling. However, once the ship started going in circles, Sienna wanted OFF! She kept saying "off" over and over. I even got a little queasy so I think we'll skip this ride next time!Our 2 hours of fun ended at the motorcycles! At first I wasn't going to let Sienna go for spin because I wasn't sure if she'd be able to stay on the motorcycle. But, as soon as she saw Brayden and Anne on the motorcycles, she kept screaming "me too, me too!". So, I caved and she got to ride on her very own motorcycle! We had such a blast at Oaks Park and plan on bringing daddy with us next time!!!