Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Hammerle Park

July 4th weekend, we took the kids to Hammerle Park in West Linn. This is the same park that I took the kids to last year...almost 1 year ago to the day! You might remember that Brayden fell face first into the pool and has since refused to get into any sort of water. Well, they redid the wading pool so now it does not have any standing water...just 5 or 6 fountains to run through. I really thought that the kids might want to run through the water, but all they wanted to do was play on the playground equipment, which included 2 very tall and scary slides (the kids weren't scared, I was scared watching them on the slides!).

Luckily there was a big slide for Brayden and a smaller slide for Sienna. It was perfect!

Of course, if Brayden was going down the big slide, Sienna wanted to, also! I was pretty close to a panic attack every time she started climbing the stairs to the big slide! Just like a dad, Chris had no idea why I kept freaking out!
There she goes up the big slide! I tried to close my eyes so I didn't have to watch her, but it was like watching a car accident...I just couldn't look away!
Next time I will definitely NOT put her in a tank top because she got burns on her arms from her poor little arms rubbing on the slide as she went down. You would have thought that would have stopped her from going down...I couldn't be so lucky!
Up she goes! I'm not sure when she mastered going up ladders? This girl is always doing something new to amaze me!
Brayden really wanted to go down the slide at the same time as Sienna, but they were just a bit too big.
I absolutely LOVE this picture of Sienna!
Hanging out together on the playground!
Sienna LOVED this curly slide on the big kid playground! It was a long walk around the playground to get back on the structure, but Sienna amazed me by figuring it out all by herself the first time!

You can see the new fountains in the background of this picture of Sienna crossing over the bridge, making her way back to the big slide. My goal is to get the kids in the fountains by the end of the summer! We did manage to get their feet in the fountains before we left, though...baby steps!
More slides!
Both kids really wanted to climb on this structure, but they eventually settled for just hanging on the bars they could reach.
Big kid swings!!!