Friday, July 17, 2009

Our 2nd trip to Oaks Park!

Tuesday morning, Chris took the morning off from work and we headed back to Oaks Park. The kids and I were so excited to show Chris all of the fun rides. Our first stop was the Tilt-a-Whirl, which we did not go on during our first visit. All 4 of us piled onto the bench and waited for the ride to start. I was a little nervous about Sienna because we had just been to a birthday party at Chuck E Cheese a few days earlier and she was freaked out by most of the little cars and things. As soon as the ride started, Sienna wanted off! She was able to stick it out, but we definitely won't be going on that one again. Chris and I thought it was fun, but we were a little surprised just how forcefully we were turning in circles! Even Brayden thought it was a little too wild for him.

The next stop was the Big Pink Slide! The first time, all 4 of us went down at the same time (Sienna sat on Chris' lap). Brayden had so much fun that he wanted to go down a 2nd time. Sienna, of course, was scared and didn't want to go again. I was actually surprised because the last time we went to Oaks Park, she went down the slide 2 times! As you can see, Brayden took off before me, once again!

This time we decided to let Sienna check out the rocket ship. We've figured out that she likes the rides that go in circles as long as they don't bounce, rock back and forth, etc. She had a blast!
Next stop: CARS!
Another new ride we got to check out this time was the roller coaster! I LOVE ROLLER COASTERS! I just have to say that I purposely wore a hat to the park...I hadn't washed my hair that morning (I wanted to wait until we got home from the park). As Brayden and I were getting situated in the roller coaster, I didn't even give my hat a thought. That was until the girl came by and told me to take it off. Uh oh!!! I was so embarrassed to take my hat off, but it was too late to back out. Plus, how could I give up the best seat in the house...the front car! Once we started moving, I was having so much fun that I didn't even care about my hair!

Brayden had so much fun that he wanted to go again. Being the good wife that I am, I let Chris have a turn, too. ;) Unfortunately they got stuck in the last car, so it was really hard to get pictures of them.

Since Sienna and I did NOT enjoy the tug boat ride last time, so decided to take a brake while Chris and Brayden went for a ride. Chris and Brayden are in the second to last can click the picture to get a closer look.
Last time we went to Oaks Park, I didn't let Sienna ride on the Frog Hopper. Brayden of course couldn't wait to go on it again since he had so much fun the first time. And, Sienna really wanted to go, too (I have no idea why she thought she'd like it!) Since we figured that she would probably be scared, I decided to ride on it with them. Here is the only smile you'll see from Sienna, and it isn't even a real smile...and it was before the ride even started.
As soon as we started dropping, Sienna started crying for daddy (I'm guessing because he was safe on the ground where she wanted to be)! I thought it was way more exciting than I expected it to be (I thought it was going to be boring)! Have I mentioned that I can't wait to take the kids to Disneyland???
I tried to comfort her during the ride, but nothing was helping! She kept trying to climb onto my lap. The poor thing!