Sunday, July 19, 2009

Sienna's New Sprinklers!

Sienna got new 2 new sprinklers for her birthday! I really thought the kids would have a blast running through the sprinklers on hot days, but so far we haven't had much success.

First we checked out Sienna's new Dora sprinkler. We had the kids stand right in front of it while Chris turned it on, slowly. Here they are waiting for the water!
Once the water started coming out, they weren't sure what to think!

They quickly figured out that they didn't want water in their face and they took off running!
Although, we did talk them into running through the water once...
Poor Sienna is just the right height to get all of the water in the face! You can't tell in this picture, but her face was completely soaked! And, she cried!
Brayden decided to retaliate against Dora with his bubble shooter!
A few days later we got out what we thought was sure to be the coolest sprinkler ever! But, as it turns out, it doesn't work very well. Most of the little nozzles just point into the ground, no matter how high the water pressure is. At one point we had turned the water up so much that we were watering the neighbors yard...over the fence! But, the kids still had fun making it through the "obstacle course". Chris told Brayden exactly how to make it through without getting wet!

Sienna wanted to try it after she saw Brayden do it...
But quickly decided she'd rather just watch Brayden do it!Hopefully as the weather gets warmer and warmer, we'll get the kids in to kiddie pool and/or sprinklers!


Catrina said...

I hadn't thought of buying some sprinklers for the kids. That looks like fun!