Sunday, July 12, 2009

The Little Gym

Back in June, our good friend, Avery, had her 2nd birthday party at the Little Gym (she's 12 days younger than Sienna). I was excited to compare the Little Gym to Gymboree. And boy, was it different! The little gym is mostly gymnastics equipment and Gymboree is mostly obstacles that the kids can climb on, jump off of, etc. The kids both had a great time, although I think Sienna is a bit too young to really use most of the equipment at The Little Gym.

Brayden's favorite piece of equipment was the balance beam!
I couldn't believe how much air he got when he jumped off!

Sienna wasn't quite as sure about the balance beam...
Instead of jumping off, she did more of a "walk off". haha!
Sienna and Avery, the birthday girl!
Hangin' on the bars!
More bars!
Sienna had so much fun copying the boys (Brayden & Wyatt)!
During the circle dance, Brayden and Wyatt decided to sword fight!
I got a new friend at Avery's party: their neighbor, Carina. I'm not sure why, but she wanted to hold my hand and hang out with Sienna and me. I thought it was pretty cute (& funny)!
All the kids dancing!
Of course, Brayden's "dancing" always turns into Kung-Fu fighting, break dancing, or acrobatic moves!
We also got to play with the parachute, just like we do at Gymboree!
This was the best part of the whole part...doing somersaults on the big doughnut! Brayden was the first one to go (after the birthday girl, of course!). I was surprised that he volunteered right away since he is usually a bit hesitant when it comes to doing new things in front of strangers.

The next shocker was when Sienna wanted to go next! Whose kids are these, anyways? haha!

At the very end, they tried to get all the kids together for a group photo. To my surprise, Brayden and Sienna cooperated, but most of the other kids didn't! Way to go Brayden & Sienna!
Thank you for inviting us to your super fun birthday party, Avery!!!!